About Company

DPK System Group is a Polish global company with over 25 years of experience and excellent references in the production and implementation of IT systems dedicated to rail transport and information systems for public transport in cities, agglomerations and the country, information systems for heavy industry as well as health care and real estate security systems.

Our experience

We have wide experience in both designing and implementation through ongoing cooperation with numerous partners (references). Thanks to the knowledge, experience and development of computer technology, DPK System constantly introduces new solutions that can be implemented as a single service or integrated into the transportation system, passenger carriage or Management of Urban Transport (e.g. designing timetables).

Full support

With our software we provide a full implementation process including training of Your staff, configuration, adjustment to Your needs, consultancy works (we share our experiences and solutions based on our reference projects). We offer also post-implementation services and maintenance for the provided product including help desk, consultancy works, technical support, access to system updates, 24\h support, etc.

Our bespoke approach to each project

  • Smooth implementation process
  • Perfect fit with requirements
  • System analysis and implementation based on local knowledge
  • Global and local experience
  • Advanced optimization algorithms

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