RMS 2.0 - work e-card mobile application

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RMS 2.0 (Railway Mobile System) - is a mobile support for the work of train crews and improvement of communication with a dispatcher. The solution makes it possible to resign from a paper work card, employees register their work on tablets and submit work cards directly for settlement.

Always up-to-date work schedules and information for employee

Always up-to-date work schedules and information

Improved circulation of documents

Improved circulation of documents, notifications and regulations

Cost reduction

Cost reduction, development of an eco-friendly policy of the enterprise

Increasing safety of employees and the company, remote work

Increasing safety of employees and the company

Ecology, real savings and quick access to information

Thanks to the digitization of documents, regulations, work cards a company gains additional resources due to the reduction of consumables consumption and the minimization of archiving and disposal, thus developing environmentally friendly policy.

Document circulation is improved, and the operation and means used to process traditional documentation are streamlined.

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Traditional work / road card

  • Paper and toner costs
  • Garbage / handling costs
  • Increased printer servicing costs / energy
  • The growing problem of archiving (minimum 5 years) and available space
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Mobile application - subscription model

  • No operating costs
  • Quick search / data access
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Quick work time settlement
  • Space-saving

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