New browser-based employee tool

Employee portal ensures quick and efficient communication as well as the exchange of important information between an employee and the employer using Internet browser and with no need to install any additional apps.

Employee portal web application

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The employee portal is a new service designed for public transport companies to publish and exchange information between the employees and the enterprise enabling, among others, fast access to rosters, efficient document circulation, absenteeism management, providing information on working time settlement, etc.

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Increase the safety of employees and the company

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Improve document flow as well as reports and regulation circulation

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Reduce your costs / be environmentally friendly

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Record of absences and planned time off / leaves

Speed of information

Necessary information concerning rosters, performance status, absences, vacation plans and other days off - available immediately after data update.

Employee-friendly company

Preferred working days and time off reporting function allows to adjust the roster to the needs of employees.

Improved document flow

Speed and certainty of communicating of, e.g. important regulations and announcements, and directing them to a specific group / all persons with required read confirmation.


Introduction of a remote access solution and information exchange allow for reducing physical interaction between employees to minimum, decreasing epidemic risk among the staff and thus eliminating the risk of destabilizing the company work and execution of planned technical tasks.

Work time settlement

Quick access to information on the settlement of work time at the point of its confirmation by the verifier and the HR department. It also ensures transparency of settlement thanks to detailed information on the settlement and all the work time elements in a given settlement period.

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