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CityLineDesigner is a comprehensive, integrated and intelligent IT system for designing a transportation network and optimal designing of timetables, ensuring efficient transport and a passenger-friendly, modern transportation system.

Designing a transportation network has never been so easy

cityLineDesigner is an effective tool for designing the topology of a transportation network in various variants taking into account different locations, infrastructure and rolling stock

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Quality of residents life improving and higher tourist rating

Taking care for the environment and the health of the people - reducing pollution

Taking care of public finances - real savings, allocating funds for other purposes

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Increased prestige of the agglomeration and higher ratings (PR) of municipalities

Wide range of application

cityLineDesigner is a comprehensive IT system for designing timetables, ensuring efficient transit and a convenient transfer system for passengers

  • Different types of transport and rolling stock integrated in one timetable.
  • Multiple carriers operating on one platform with the transport organizer.
  • Joint transport for various administrative units.
  • Optimization of timetables based on the collected data.

Optimal planning

Strategic planning

Designing a transportation network

Topology editing (network points and links) creating road traffic structure.

Route planning

Planning new routes, taking into account real needs, i.e. passenger flows. Creating route variants.

Designing timetables

Creating alternative versions of timetables, transport plans and extensive economic analysis.

Operational planning

Schedules planning

Creating optimal schedules for vehicles, taking into account rolling stock requirements, route change preferences, technical trips matrix and other technical activities.

Service planning

Creating optimal tasks for drivers while meeting legal requirements and other defined preferences.

Work roster (the TRANS ERP system)

Creating optimal, long-term work rosters - assigning services and vehicles to employees in compliance with legal requirements and other internal regulations in the company.

Support for electric vehicles

The CLD system has built-in algorithms that allow you to easily plan schedules of electric vehicles.

For the set parameters of charging standards, energy consumption and known locations of charging stations, the system allows you to plan trips and downtime taking into account battery recharging at end stations.

Infrastructure records

Planning taking into account type of charger / rolling stock and the speed of charging.

ZERO-emission ZONE

Defining areas with specific common features - creating zones with limited emission of undesirable substances, control of the rolling stock scheduled to run in a given zone based on restrictions tailored to the customer needs.

Optimization of the use of chargers

Visualization of charging stations load - easy and quick control of the level of use of a charger's voltage and verification of the degree of matching the capacity of charging points to actual needs, allows you to plan the expansion or relocation to a point with greater demand in advance.

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