Covid-19 strategy

The pandemic poses many new challenges for organizers and operators of public transport. Absences of employees, disinfection of vehicles, route variants, the need for immediate reactions and support in the decision-making process, reorganization of transport as a result of sudden events - they are just some of the challenges that today's Public Collective Transport has to face.

Planning | Employees

One of the biggest problems that public transport companies have to face today is safety of employees and companies while ensuring performance of all planned transport tasks.

Our IT solutions let you plan work considering both numerous absences of employees caused by Covid-19 as well as considering the preferred working hours of employees.

New challenges | Passenger Limits

Subsequent and introduced restrictions on the maximum number of people in closed spaces or keeping a minimum distance mean that transport must also focus on the safety of both passengers and drivers, with a view to reducing the occurrence of transport at understated and overstated capacity.

Modern planning tools therefore consider elements such as:

  • Planning considering increased number of vehicles, changes of vehicle types or the need for more frequent / less frequent routes,
  • Extra courses,
  • Assigning a driver to a vehicle (driver safety).

Planning / Dispatching | Vehicles

The need for keeping sanitary rigor and preparing (disinfecting) vehicles destabilizes the work of a transport company, therefore IT tools are needed that have real-time access to up-to-date information about available, already prepared vehicles and the status of rolling stock.

Thanks to them, it is possible to:

  • Plan and schedule using only safe vehicles,
  • Provide security of inventory of disinfectants,
  • Provide process cost calculation considering resources and working time of employees,
  • Consider longer idle times necessary to ventilate and disinfect vehicles.

Employee security / improved document circulation

The long period of the pandemic has verified both the needs of employees and technical possibilities in another, very important aspect. Access to information and planning absences, including long holidays, are now largely performed remotely.

This directly influences safety by reducing the physical interaction between employees as well as brings measurable economic and ecological benefits, significantly reducing consumption of paper and toners. The IT solutions that we have designed also have an extra purpose, the speed and certainty of providing important information and regulations with a confirmation option.

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