DPK Railways

Modern IT technologies

DPK Railways is designed for railway companies engaged in carriage of passenger and freight. The purpose of the system is handling issues related to the work performed in the service sectors of transport and railway companies. DPK Railways is multi-station and server software.

Supports the following areas of transport activity:

  • Registration of vehicles
  • Registration of employees
  • Division of transport work for individuals
  • Creating work shifts
  • Creating schedules of work
  • Daily dispositions
  • GPS Vehicle Monitoring
  • Verification and accounting of time
  • Fuel accounting
  • Transport work accounting

Exploitation areas supported by the system


(traction crews)


(conductor crews)

Technical support

(technical service, checkout, security and administration employees)


  • Editing the timetable.
  • Vehicle circuit optimization.
  • Planning transport tasks.
  • Planning absences and other long-term events.
  • Creating employee work rosters based on the optimization module.


  • Ongoing verification of employee assignments, response to deviations (absences, failures, etc.).
  • Optimization of employee and vehicle matching to the task during shifts.
  • Communication with mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, mobile cash registers).
  • Train crew control.
  • Visualization of trains on the railway network map.


  • Verification of the work carried out as per the roster.
  • Employee working time settlement.
  • Settlement of transport and vehicle work.
  • Statistics, reporting, analytics.


Up to 13% more efficient use of vehicles*


Reduction of downtime costs and inefficient trips*


Reducing work-related costs of overtime*

* Averaged results obtained by rail operators working on the DPK Railways system.


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