RMS 2.0 - electronic waybills mobile application

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The RMS 2.0 mobile support for the work of drivers is fitted with access to all the necessary information, documents and regulations and has an innovative electronic waybills future supporting quick work time settlement - now in a new subscription model.

Always up-to-date work schedules and information

Always up-to-date work schedules and information

Improved circulation of documents, notifications and regulations

Improved circulation of documents, notifications and regulations


Cost reduction, development of an eco-friendly policy of the enterprise

Increasing safety of employees and the company

Increasing safety of employees and the company

Electronic waybill / quicker verification

The driver can edit the times of the beginning and end of the service / trip as well as the kilometers traveled / counters and thanks to this the data goes directly for verification of the performance without the need to enter it manually into the system.

Ecology, real savings and quick access to information

Thanks to the digitization of documents, regulations, road cards / work cards a company gains additional resources due to the reduction of consumables consumption and the minimization of archiving and disposal, thus developing environmentally friendly policy.

Document circulation is improved, and the operation and means used to process traditional documentation are streamlined.

Traditional waybills

  • Paper and toner costs
  • Garbage / handling costs
  • Increased printer servicing costs / energy
  • The growing problem of archiving (minimum 5 years) and available space

Mobile application - subscription model

  • No operating costs
  • Quick search / data access
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Quick work time settlement
  • Space-saving

Circulation of documents / announcements / regulation

The advantage of this solution is fast and reliable information transfer, e.g. Important regulations and directing it only to specific persons / groups as well as the read confirmation function.

Quick access to always up-to-date information

Roster / Availability

The application provides drivers with constant access to the planned and completed roaster. All its updates are available on a regular basis and the driver is notified about them.

Timetable for the driver

Constant access to timetables provides drivers with the required information on the routes and trips, including the necessary information concerning changes to routes and trips, and also helps to learn about any new lines.


PUSH notifications provide a proven way to deliver information about ongoing changes to mobile devices.

Support for drivers / clear information

Failure handling

Simplified vehicle replacement procedure, as there is no need to print the waybill - a new electronic waybill is sent directly to the driver's device.

The driver does not worry about the vehicle failure - all the necessary support is provided by the dispatcher.

Easy driver change

Clear and transparent information for drivers regarding changes:

  • From whom the driver takes over the vehicle
  • Who the driver hands the vehicle over to
  • Place and time of change

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