Ceremonial completion of the first electronic time sheet, RMS mobile application at PKM in Katowice

On Thursday, a ceremonial completion of the first large implementation of our electronic road sheet, the RMS mobile application in public transport, took place at PKM in Katowice. The meeting was of a very high importance, apart from the PKM Management Board, it was attended by the Vice-President of Katowice, representatives of City Councilors and guests from the largest public transport companies in Poland invited by the President of PKM Roman Urbańczyk, Presidents of MPK in Krakow Rafał Świerczyński, MPK in Lodz Zbigniew Papierski, MPK in Lublin Tomasz Fulara, and representatives of the Management Boards of MZA from Warsaw and GAiT from Gdansk.

The implementation in Katowice and the parallel implementation at JLA in Jarocin were also a test ground for work adapting the application to work in public transport companies. Two years ago at the Transexpo fair, the RMS rail version was awarded the Gold Medal, and since then DPK has been inundated with questions about the “wheeled” version from most city carriers. All this time, a team of programmers, supported by consultants, carried out intensive work, due to completely different rules and procedures applicable in road transport than in railways, the result is an innovative solution, created practically from scratch, extending our standard TransERP system, which thus gains completely new quality.

Effects of the work obtained with the RMS application exceeded everyone’s expectations. During the meeting, the President of the PKM Management Board, the Transport Management and users provided very favorable opinions about the quality, functionality and usefulness of the program. The result of the implementation success at PKM in Katowice is our marketing success, all meeting participants are determined to purchase a license and implement the application in their enterprises. In November, we will start an implementation at MZA in Warsaw, and at the turn of the year we are planning to start comprehensive implementation of our systems in several other leading public transport companies. We wish to congratulate our Programmers and Consultants involved in the RMS project and the Management Board of the DPK Group for their great success, it will be a milestone in the development of the Company.

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