Prolongation of system license for next 3 years in SKM Warszawa

On 10th January we submitted an offer for software of Railways in SKM Warszawa. Today, we got information that our offer is the best and we were invited to sign an implementation agreement.

SKM Warszawa has used our software since 10 years, a current proceeding referred to prologation of the system license for next 3 years and software upgrade and rebuilding of the RMS (Railways Mobile System) and trains circulation module.

Thanks to RMS you can resign from issuing paper labour cards, on which an employee must mark his work – an application itself register work of an employee and verifies its realization. The solution is based on the tablets in the Android system equipped with GPS and packet communication (for instance: GPRS, Edge, 3G). Circulation Module allows to create circuits for free long periods by a possibility of connecting trains for different types of timetables and types of labour days with fluent transmission between these periods.

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