Promotional campaign of our systems at PKM Świerklaniec

This week, our solutions were presented at PKM in Świerklaniec, one of the first customers of DPK System in the 1990s. The first implementations of the TSI system, still partially DOS-based, took place at PKM at the same time as at PKM in Katowice and Gliwice. After completing the implementation at that time, PKM resigned from their service contract and a few years later began experimenting with other systems available on the market.

The current new Management Board, together with the new management of the Transport Department, planners and dispatchers, due to technical problems with the operated system dedicated to small PKS units, decided to provide the company with effective tools for planning and keeping transport costs in check. After identifying the IT market for public transport, it was decided to purchase and implement our CLD and TransERP system as the most advanced tool for city carriers. After the meeting of the PKM Management Board and the DPK Management Board at the IGKM Congress in Warsaw last week, a presentation was made at the PKM headquarters, it initiated negotiations regarding the terms of granting the license, deadlines and costs.

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