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DPK Railways is designed for railway companies engaged in carriage of passenger and freight.

The purpose of the system is handling issues related to the work performed in the service sectors of transport and railway companies.

DPK Railways is multi-station and server software. It supports the following areas of transport activity:

  • Registration of vehicles
  • Registration of employees
  • Division of transport work for individuals
  • Creating  work shifts
  • Creating schedules of work
  • Daily dispositions
  • GPS Vehicle Monitoring
  • Verification and accounting of time
  • Fuel accounting
  • Transport work accounting

Innovative solutions for railways

  • Central database
    DPK Railways Software provides support for entire company through central database server, server optimization and Terminal Server
  • Security and reliability
    system architecture based on client-server technology provides  safe multi-station work from any location equipped with Internet access. Lack of applications on final terminals increases data security
  • Modular design
    In extended  system, user support only this part of the system for which he is responsible
  • Integrated system
    The Software supports transport starting from creation of the train path, through the creation of a transport task, schedule,  work disposals, to the statement of work and the transfer of data to payroll system
  • Integration with other producer systems
    through the standards compatible with Microsoft ™ solutions (SQL database, MS Office-compatible interface) DPK Railways enables broad exchange of data both file and “base to base”
  • Complex solution in terms of content and ergonomic
    through long-term cooperation with railway companies, knowledge and experience of our staff, we offer a friendly and intuitive user interface optimized and substantive support decision-making based on analytical and forecasting mechanisms
DPK Railways is Windows 10 Compatible.

DPK Railways is supported by DPK System Consulting on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise. is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 12/2025.

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    Computer Transportation Software is a comprehensive, integrated software designed for City Transportation Companies and others enterprises that use their own fleet of vehicles. This kind of solution is indispensable and necessary tool for effective and optimal management of company. Properly designed and implemented system in Transport Company permits easily manage transport operations (tasks)and the whole company regarding optimal use of stocks, working time, human resources and allows for maximum costs reductions. DPK System company have been operating in the field of transportation software since 1996. We have wide experience in both - designing and implementation through ongoing cooperation with numerous partners (references). Thanks to the knowledge, experience and development of computer technology DPK System constantly introduces new solutions that can be implemented as a single service or integrated into the transportation system, passenger carriage or Management of Urban Transport (eg. designing timetables).